Do you like hot weather, hot peppers and hot girls? Budapest is the right place for you then…

Budapest as the capital and the largest city is the heart of Hungaria. It has 1,7 million inhabitants but the Greater Budapest is home to 3,271,110 people.
Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube by a unification of right-bank Buda and Óbuda with left-bank Pest.

Budapest has many things to offer. You can spend hours visiting the historic sights. Among the others it is the neo-gothic Parliament building (the third largest in the world) and Saint Stephen’s Basilica . Also you should not miss popular and traditional spas that have the origin in Roman colonization.

Whole Hungary is world well known because of its national cuisine and Budapest is not an exception. Nobody can stand up to Goulash from red peppers or Csabai sauce and those can be found in almost every one from many restaurants in Budapest.

Night life

As popular tourist destination Budapest can offer lot of fun in the night time. It is not problem to find bar, pub or dance club everywhere in the city. Also many strip clubs with beautiful and pleasant girls are ready to welcome guests every night and of course there are lot of escort services in the city that can organize a company for you and your friends and we will bring you reviews of the best ones here …

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